Why You Should Get Insurance For Your Gear

Photo by Bryan Fenstermacher (used under the CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

Photo by Bryan Fenstermacher (used under the CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

Photography is an expensive hobby. You might’ve started with something small and inexpensive, like a point and shoot camera. But, then the passion was probably too much to control, so you moved onto a more manual camera, or even a DSLR. Then came all the fancy lenses and tripod. And, before you knew it, all your camera gear became more valuable than your car.

If that sounds anything like you, then it might be a good idea to consider getting insurance for all of your camera gear.

Insurance helps protect the large investment you’ve made in camera gear and it gives you “peace of mind” — so you don’t have to worry about your gear getting stolen, and instead you can just focus on taking photographs (pun intended, heh).

Most insurance that you’ll find for camera gear will protect you from robbery, but there are also policies that can protect you from things like accidentally dropping your camera or lens.

I think the “peace of mind” that insurance gives you is valuable, because it creates a less stressful environment for photography. And less stress and anxiety can lead to more creativity.

But, more importantly, insurance protects you in the event that someone steals your gear. It might be an unlikely scenario, but for a few dollars per month, you can protect your gear completely.

Insurance turns your camera gear into little “savings accounts”

Although photography is an expensive hobby, one of the good things is that some gear doesn’t lose value. Sure, with digital, the camera bodies do lose a significant amount of value after a few years, but the lenses rarely lose any value (and sometimes even go up in value).

So, if you’ve got yourself a nice collection of high quality lenses, and then insure them against robbery and accidents, then you basically have a little “savings account.” It’ll even get “interest” if the lenses go up in value 😉

Where to get camera insurance

If you just do photography as a hobby, then you’ll probably be able to insure your gear through your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. They usually have an add-on for “valuable personal property.” If that’s the case, then make sure your gear is still covered if the robbery occurs away from your home. As nature photographers, this is important because most of the time we’re using our camera gear out on the trail, far away from home.

If you’re a professional photographer, then you’ll probably have to go with a commercial plan somewhere. I can’t personally recommend any good insurance companies for this, but before you sign up for a policy, make sure you read about other people’s experience with that company.

Also, make sure you read the policy in detail, so you’re always aware of exactly what’s covered.

What do you think?

Has camera insurance ever saved you money and/or trouble? Or, are there any insurance companies you’ve had good experience with? If so, please share with us by leaving a comment below, thanks!! 🙂

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steveb2About the Author: Steve Berardi is a naturalist, photographer, software engineer, and founder of PhotoNaturalist. You can usually find him hiking in the beautiful mountains and deserts of southern California.

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