1. We use Bibble and it has a great metadata functions, which I don’t take full advantage of unfortunately. Although I do copyright all my photos in IPTC.

  2. Robert Visconti says:

    Hey Matthew,

    Thanks for the metadata information…..I really enjoyed your presentation at Volo Bog – Illinois – United States as well, with Vic Berardi. I am glad I got a chance to say goodbye and wish you well at the Hawk watch late last year before you left. Back to topic–I know there is also some software out there that will completely eliminate the exif data as well…..simply called Exif Tag Remover 2.0. A Google search should allow anyone to download it if they choose to go that route instead.

    Take care,

  3. Hi Matthew,

    I just found your blog through DPS. I just got my first ever DSLR as a gift, and I have been looking through all kinds of article that would help me become a better photographer (worthy of the camera, haha). The blog looks like a huge goldmine, or … candy store for a new photographer looking for new things to try, tips to apply, etc.

    Anyway, just to add on, newer breed of DSLR might even have this feature already in the camera itself. All you have to do is to edit the info you’d like to include, and they will be tagged along together with the rest of the meta data. I love technology.

  4. Hello Matthew.
    I am Brazilian photographer and I really liked your article. I wonder if you would allow me to translate this article into Portuguese and put it on my blog. Course credits will be held in your name and also a direct link to this original post.


  5. Hi Fernando,

    I am happy for you to translate this article. Please double-check with Steve (the owner of the site) but I’m sure he will be happy too.


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